Kerassentials Foot Fungus Drops

Kerassentials Reviews (2023) Latest Toenail Fungus Oil Results

The internet is replete with solutions for foot fungus and the plethora of skin and feet issues people deal with, but none of these solutions come close to the all-in-one solution that Kerassentials oil offers its users. 

With many of these solutions claiming to be the lasting solution you need, they never address the root cause of why foot fungi never leave, even after treating with different medicines and oils.

Kerassentials oil is a natural solution that helps you eliminate all the fungus that leaves your legs smelly and itchy and your skin and nails looking messy. It treats your feet’ fungus and skin nail problems once and for all. 

The gross discomfort that foot fungus causes can cause the most confident of persons to lose self-esteem and social confidence. And because mold-like germs cause foot fungus in your skin’s dead cells, it often does not disappear after one treatment. 

To get rid of these fungi, many people have exposed themselves to different drugs and natural oils that only compound their problems. 

Foot fungi often reappear after they have been treated with regular antifungal formulas. And worse, the drugs and oils used the first time fail to work on them when they reappear. 

Do you know why? 

It is because fungi become resistant to medicines and oils, making them impossible to treat again. 

So, what can you do to avoid treating foot fungus every time? 

How can you avoid the shame of having yellow nails, smelly feet, and itchy skin around your toes every time? 

If you hate the constant visit to the hospital, then you should read this reviews to know how Kerassentials oil can save you time and money and preserve your self-image by treating your foot fungal infections permanently and with ease.

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Kerassentials Foot Fungus Drops

What Is Kerassentials?

Kerassentials oil is a rich blend of the best-tested natural solutions that help you deal with stubborn foot fungal problems without having you spend too much money on different medicines or routines. Kerassentials combines natural ingredients in different oils with scientifically-proven methods for treating stubborn fungi. 

Developed by a renowned fungal specialist, Dr. Kimberly Langdon, Kerassentials attacks the fungal infection from the root, taking off every stubborn fungus that refused treatment with other drugs and oils. This solution combines natural oils that help your body produce naturally resistant chemicals that fight against fungus. 

Dr. Langdon’s research over the years led her to the secret formula that combines the ancient wisdom of fungal treatment with the new technology of the day in fighting stubborn fungi. These fungi have adapted to new drugs and oils. 

So many medicines and oils used today do not last because these solutions only attack the fungi at the surface, not the root. Because the roots are not attacked, the fungi become more robust and adaptive, and the medicine and oils become useless when applied again. 

But after studying the behavior of bacteria for years and asking critical questions about why the tested and trusted old formulas were ineffective in today’s world, Dr. Langdon came up with a shower routine and easy-to-use solution for you. 

Although many people know the dangers of untreated foot fungus, many are unaware of how dangerous the strong chemicals used in today’s antifungal formulas are to their bodies. 

Have you ever experienced stubborn mosquitoes that never die even after applying the best insecticides? 

You know how you keep asking for ‘stronger’ insecticides to kill them, but they never die? 

The same thing happens with these stubborn foot fungi. The more you apply ‘stronger’ solutions, the more exposed you are to the risks of these chemicals, which can expose you to skin cancers. 

So, why don’t you use a foot fungal solution that kills every foot fungal in your skin without having you use different solutions and take different medicines? 

Benefits of Kerassentials

Kerassentials target the fungi from the roots, removing any strand of fungi that may be left after applying the solution. With Keraesentials, you can rest assured of enjoying the following: 

#1 Prevent Complications: 

When you use Kerassentials to treat your foot fungus, you are assured of never having to deal with foot fungus again. 

When foot fungus reoccurs, it may spread to other parts of your body, leading to cellulitis. 

Also, if the fungi are not correctly taken care of, they can spread and lead to your legs being amputated. 

Kerassentials attack the fungi from the root, meaning they never get to show up again. 

#2 Improves the Look of Your Leg and Skin: 

The aloe vera oil used in the making Kerassentials ensures that your skin pores are treated after the fungi have been treated, making them smoother and more appealing. 

#3 Improved Overall Health: 

Kerassentials help your body produce natural resistance to fungus, allowing you to fight fungus. 

Because fungus can spread to other parts of your body, such as your groin and your intestine, reducing your body’s natural immunity, Kerassentials protect you from further health issues. 

#4 Stop Itching And Smelly Feet Fast: 

With one in ten people suffering from foot fungus, Kerassentials ensures that itchy and smelly feet are eliminated fast. 

The regular routines often prescribed by doctors take time, leaving people with work and family less time to properly treat their feet. With Kerassentials, the days of sitting for half an hour treating your feet are eliminated. 

With a simple five minutes shower routine that helps to open your skin pores, you can get rid of itching and smelling feet fast. You save time, allowing you to spend that time with the people you love and do the work that is important to you. 

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Kerassentials Core Ingredients 

Kerassentials are made from natural oils and solutions that have been clinically tested to treat every foot fungus problem permanently. The ingredients, combined with the finest technology, used in making Kerassentials are: 

Clove Bud Oils

These oils are obtained from clove trees and help kill fungus spores before they spread. 

Fungus’ ability to spread fast makes killing them at their roots very important. Clove oil ensures that the spores do not have a chance to spread because the oil attacks the fungus from the roots, cutting off any chances of the fungus spreading.  The eugenol in clove bud oil reduces itching and skin irritation, a 2017 study discovered. 

Lavender Oil

Fungi are always searching for new ways to regenerate, which is why oil that starves the fungus is necessary. Lavender Oil stops the fungus from using up the keratin in your nails, a protein that forms in your skin and nail cells. Keratin protects your skin and makes them look smooth. 

But fungus eats these keratins, making your legs look rough. 

However, Lavender oil stops the fungus from using the keratin and makes your skin smooth and beautiful. When keratin is protected from fungus, they help your skin stay fresh. 

Manuka Oil

Used by the Maori tribe more than 3000 years ago, Manuka oil, obtained from the famed Manuka tree, contains natural chemicals called triketones. These triketones attack the fungi from the base, stopping them from spreading their spores to other parts of the skin. 

Flaxseed Oil: 

More than just killing the fungus at their pores, the skin’s natural immunity needs to be boosted to fight off fungus next time. 

Flaxseed oil helps the skin and nails increase their natural immunity to fungus by decreasing the skin’s inflammation, sensitivity, and roughness. 

With flaxseed oil, the skin becomes hostile against fungus, protecting the skin even without applying any antifungal solution. 

Almond Oil: 

Organic almond oil used in Kerassentials produces antioxidants that protect the skin from fungus and contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin as soon as you apply the solution. 

The almond oil also ensures your nails grow fast and are not deformed, as many nails affected by fungus grow deformed. 

Aloe Vera Oil: 

The skin’s moisturizing is vital for regenerating and remaining smooth. 

The aloe vera used in Kerassentials makes your skin smooth and fresh immediately after applying the solution. 

Tea Tree Oil: 

This long-standing solution for foot fungus is still essential when combined with other antifungal oils. 

Tea Tree oil curbs the growth of fungus on your skin and nails and increases your skin’s healing properties. 


Menthol allows you to feel relief immediately after applying Kerassentials to the fungus-infected area. 

How To Apply Kerassentials Oil?

Before applying the Kerrassential solution, it is pertinent that the skin pores are open. 

To open your skin pores, ensure you use warm water when taking your bath. Also, exfoliate your skin and nails to further open the nails and skin areas when taking your bath. 

The warm water helps your nails become softer, allowing the natural chemicals in the Kerassentials solution to be more effective. In addition, exfoliating your skin also increases the surface area of your skin, which makes for more effective penetration of the chemicals to kill the fungus at its base. 

After the shower, which should be more than three minutes, apply the solution to any affected part – skin and nails alike. 

Because of the essential natural ingredients, your skin remains smooth after application. You can move around without fear of any weird smell oozing from your body. Kerassentials is also made with sweet-smelling perfumes, blending with your natural body or foot lotion. 

You apply daily after your bath, and rest assured that those stubborn foot fungi will be gone as soon as possible, leaving your skin and nail smooth and robust. 

Side Effects of Kerassentials

Although Kerassentials treat foot and skin fungus fast, it has some side effects if not used correctly and as instructed. 

The natural ingredients used in making Kerassentials irritate, the main side effect of the wrong application of this solution is shallow. 

Irritation occurs on rare occasions when the skin surface is not exfoliated and the nails are not soft enough. 

How Much Does Kerassentials Cost? 

The commitment of Dr. Langdon to ensuring everyone gets this permanent solution to their foot fungus problems, the shipping of every Kerassentials is FREE. 

One bottle of Kerassentials can be used in 30 days, costing $69. 

Six bottles, which you can use for 180 days, will cost you $294 for all three. At this price, each bottle costs just $49. 

Three bottles, which you can use for 90 days, will cost you $177. At this price, each bottle costs just $59. 

1 bottle = $69 with free shipping 

3 bottles = $177 with free shipping 

6 bottles = $294 with free shipping 

It is advisable to purchase the 3 bottles as applying for 90 days will ensure every fungal spore on your skin or nails is eliminated for good. 

Where to Buy Kerassentials Drops?

You can buy Kerassentials from the company’s official website

When you visit the website, scroll down to see the images of the products. Clicking on the “Buy Now” icon will automatically take you to the checkout page, which will add the products to your cart. 


#1. What is the guarantee that Kerassentials will Work? 

The makers of Kerassentials are so sure that the product will fix your foot fungus problems that they have guaranteed you will get all your money back if the solution does not work after 60 days of purchase. 

You have 60 days after purchase to return the product and get 100% of your money back. 

#2. When Can I see the Results?

When you apply Kerassentials every day after your shower routine, you will start seeing changes in your skin and toenails after the first week. 

There is no defined time frame for how long the fungi will last on the feet and skin after applying Kerassentials. 

#3. Is Kerassentials Safe to Use? 

Kerassentials are safe to use as the natural oils have little to no side effects on your skin or any part of your body if appropriately applied. 

#4. Who Should Use Kerassentials? 

Anyone with any foot fungus problems can use Kerassentials as there are no dangerous side effects that are gender or health-situation specific. 

Final Thoughts

Dealing with those stubborn foot fungi can be a real issue, especially after treating it several times without seeing real change. The time it takes to soak your feet in water, apply different lotions, and take drugs that have deadly side effects is not something anyone should have to deal with daily.  

However, with natural solutions, the side effects are minimized, and the fungi are eliminated. But these natural solutions do not provide long-lasting solutions as the fungi return after a few months of their disappearance. 

That is why a solution that combines different unused but proven natural oils is what you need. Kerassentials provides natural fungus solutions for your feet while keeping them smooth and safe. 

The ease with which Kerassentials can be applied makes Kerassentials a perfect solution for foot and skin fungal problems. Get yourself bottles of Kerassentials today, and get rid of every stubborn foot and skin fungus. 

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